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Aromas and scents can soothe your soul, balance and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit.
Aromas can stimulate your senses, make you more alert. At an exhibition or at a store a nice aroma will increase your readiness to purchase. Since the Egyptian Pharao era, aromas have been used for healing and stimulation.

The apropriate aroma will
  • create a relaxed atmosphere
  • make you more alert, freshen the air
  • add to life style
  • make display in museums more authentic
  • add to shopping experience

Where STIERS aroma machines are used: shops, stores, wellness, offices, doctors, theatres, exhibitions, movie theatres, events, shows, clubs, restaurants, exhibitions at home and in museums.

Ultrasonic Aroma Machine


Aroma Machine No.1
This machine was specially developed for museums and shops for promoting products. The machine produces an invisible cloud of aroma for an area of app. 1 to 4 square meters. After a few seconds the aroma is gone. It is possible to install several machines and in intervals, so that clients can experience
different fragrances.


Ultrasonic Aroma Machine, Aroma System
Small and very fast. Powered by 2 motors. The fragrance is distributed via the flexible hose. Ideal for aroma pictures or aroma displays. Machine can be built into a display or hung from the ceiling. Several units with different fragrances can be placed within one room. Unit should be connected to a switch or a sensor. Standard programming defaults to 3 seconds of production time then switching to standby for 10 seconds, unless someone activates the sensor or button (other times on request). One filling is 250 ml which is sufficient for producing 10,000 and more of aroma-shots. Size: 30 x 16 x 28 cm - 6 kg.
No. 2073 Ultrasonic fragrance machine / Ultraschall Duftmaschine  USD 1.876,--  EUR  1.340,-- 
Important: when ordering aromas for the Ultrasonic fragrance machine choose the desired aroma / fragrance with order number and let us know that you require it for this Ultrasonic Aroma Machine.

We will deliver the long lasting 250 ml bottle which costs  $  85,-  EUR 65,- Type C.

Thermo Fragrance Machine - Aroma Machine No. 2

Thermo Aero Aroma Cartridge Machine from is one of the most widely used systems in Europe and America. The machine can be used in small areas as of 20 meters up to app. 400 square meter. Simply put the aroma cartridge in the machine, you have 6 aroma intensity settings as well as 3 fan setting, a light sensor and settings for day or night use or 24 hours. Available in 230 / 240 Volt and 100 / 110 Volt, power consumption 20 Watt to 85 Watt. One cartridge produces at middle intensity 1 month of aroma at 12 hours setting. it is also possible to use aroma concentrates at low to medium setting. Machine can be hanged or placed anywhere, ideal for permanent or mobile use. The machine should be placed in a position so that the natural air circulation helps transport the aroma through the room. In rooms with air ventilation system it should be placed on the side where air is blown out.
One Aroma Cartridge for about 1 month use, 12 hours a day   EUR  35,-
No. 2072          Thermo Aero Aroma Machine 32 cm x 27 cm x 13 cm  4,5 kg       $  819,-   EUR 585,-

Stand-Alone, Air Conditioning Aroma Machines, also for Auditorium
Aroma Machine No. 3

Aero-Fragrance-Machine for areas app. 50 to
2.000 square meters, extremely saving and efficient. Similar to Ultrasonic Fragrance Machine, with setting for immediate aromas or long term aromas in intervals. Can be placed in an auditorium, shop, hotel, wellness, public area etc. Can be mounted on the wall, on a pillar etc. Suggestion: Place the machine in different positions and test where the natural aie flow transports the fragrance best, then mount permanently. This machine can also be connected with a short hose to an air-conditioning system
that uses air fan pipes to transport aromas. With an air conditioner or air ventilation system you can distribute aromas. One 400 ml bottle can produce aroma for several months. The machine is supplied with stand-alone, output adaptor and with a 15 cm air-conditioner connection hose.
400 ml Aroma Concentrate Cartridge for Air-Conditioning Aroma Machine:   EUR  70,--  USD  95,--

No. 2104 Aero-Fragrance-Machine   $ 1.652,-      EUR 1.180,-

Fragrance Pillar -  Aroma Machine No. 4

Fragrance Pillar

For areas from 50 to 1.000 meters.
The machine has the possibility of inserting one, two
or three 125 ml cartridges of aromas. Intensity setting minimum to high, output, different interval settings.
It supports the effectivity and awareness.
The machine should be placed in a position where the natural flow of air in the room will support the transport
of the aroma. Included floor screws and a lock with 2 keys. The machine has green and red LEDs. When aromas are almost used up the red LED lights up.

70 x 40 x 20 cm - 12 kg. 40 - 180 Watt.



125 ml Aroma Cartridge  USD 45,-  EUR 35,-

No. 2071 Aroma Pillar  (uses 125 ml aroma concentrate) USD 1.239,--   EUR 885,--

Export prices without tax, in E.C. + 19% VAT 

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Refreshing Aromas, Stimulating Fragrances, Relaxing Aromas

We produce aroma machines and fragrance cartridges for over 15 years and have experience.
We have three major types of aromas:
1. Pleasant aromas made of several fruits, herbs and flowers - scents that create an atmosphere that stimulates or relaxes and enchants.
2. Aromas with defined fragrance, for example forest or rose garden.
3. Pleasant aromas that create appetite for a pastery, coffee, cake or a meal.
The following fragrances are very popular and suited for use in most areas (most of the time in sufficient quantity in stock). They are a subtle mixture of good fragrances, in many cases the individual aromas are not consciously taken into awareness, they produce a pleasant feeling and effect.

Mixt Fragrances - stimulating, refreshing:

No. 2110  Toscana
    - sun, warm sand, contains peach, vanilla, coca

No. 2111  Provence  - country fields of blooming herbs and sommer flowers,
                                  contains lavender, citrus, jasmine

No. 2112  Verona      - passion, wellness, contains jasmine, melon, apple embedded in moss

No. 2113  Feeling      - strong emotions, contains sandel wood, geranium, jasmine, moss, mandarin

No. 2114  Cult            - fresh and strong, contains orange blossoms, lilies of the valley, lavender,
                                    vanilla, with earthly touch of wood

No. 2115  Event         - powerfull and full of energy and comfort, contains pink grapefruit, mandarin,
                                    vanilla, opium

No. 2116  December Dream  - warm, emotional, feeling of winter ambiance, contains cinnamon,
                                               coriander, orange, anise, vanilla, cassia

Aromas with a defined fragrance:

No. 2130  Forest Walk

No. 2131  Pine Tree

No. 2132  Rose Garden

Pleasant aromas which create appetite:

No. 2140  Vanilla Orchid

No. 2141  Brown Sugar Caramel

No. 2142  Coffee

No. 2143  Chocolate

No. 2144  Fresh Bread

Following cartridges and aromas are available for these machines:

Cartridges Type A for Aroma Machine No. 2 (Thermo-Aero) and No. 4 (Aroma Pillar):
125 ml aroma - for app. one month use at mid-setting,
12 hours a day at room temperature                              EUR  35,--   USD  45,--

Please write down the number of aroma and Type A.

Cartridges Type B for Aroma Machine No. 3 (Aero-Fragrance Machines):
400 ml - for up to 3 months use at 12 hours a day
at mid-setting, large interval                                          EUR 70,--    USD  95,--

Cartridges Type C for Aroma Machine No. 1 (Ultrasonic for shop displays,
museum, product presentation):
250 ml - for up to several 10.000 aroma impulses,
for up to app. 2 to 6 months use                                    EUR 65,--    USD  85,--

We can produce and supply app. 200 diffent types of aromas.
The above aromas in stock or combinations are almost 100% what many clients worldwide
appreciate and like. it is important that the aroma comes in intervals and is not too intense,
then you can create the desired ambiance.
As of 10 cartridges/bottles of aromas we can produce special aromas for you.
Samples are not available for standard or special order scents.

Following special cartridges are in stock, some are special order, where we have overproduced,
only cartridges type A, available with special discount price as of 10 pieces.
1 cartridge   EUR 35,--  USD  45,--
10 different cartridges   EUR  280,--  USD  364,--
Christmas Tree
Sea Fresh
Burnt Wood
Antique Wood
African Night
Fresh Linen
Cedar Wood
Pine Wood

Export prices without tax, within E.C. + 19% VAT

Machines and aromas are produced in EU Europe, Germany according to EU Safety Regulations.
Some aromas are no longer available because of new regulations (Fire, Gun Powder, New Car)

Normally all machines and fragrance machines and aromas are in stock, so delivery by Post Airmail takes only some days, overseas about one week.
Order by Fax, Phone or email, info see below
Approximate cost for transport of one fragrance machine with some cartridges, max. 9 kg: 
USA / Canada $  160,- ;  South America / Asia  $ 250,- ;  Europe  EUR  40,-
Advance payment necessary before shipment. Please make payment after we send Proforma Invoice.

Important: we need delivery address with country, town, postal code, street and house number and
your telephone number (no P.O.Box)
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